Hotel management

Modus & Amplio undertakes the management of hotels, resorts and other hospitality properties as the operator, under specific terms and conditions contracts.

Our company operates, manages and maintains the hotel and all its facilities, as well as its activities in a diligent, careful and vigilant manner, and in accordance with the standards imposed by the management agreement.

It also preserves the condition and character of the hotel, with the primary goal of maximizing the present value of the owner’s cash flow from it.

The main duties and responsibilities as the operator of the property, are the following:
• To perform the role of Standard Bearer, ensuring that properties’ standards are communicated, understood, achieved and maintained by hotel staff.
• To perform each criterion as contained in the hotel’s Standard Operating Procedures & Performance in a perfect manner.
• To create an operating environment that assures consistent guest satisfaction.
• To monitor the performance of the hotel through verification and analysis of guest satisfaction systems and financial reports.
• To maintain product and service quality standards by conducting ongoing evaluations and investigating complaints.
• To develop accurate and aggressive long and short-range financial objectives consistent with the company’s mission statement.
• To prepare financial reports that clearly explain operational effectiveness, trends and variances.
• To establish and maintain a pro-active human resource function to ensure employee motivation, training and development, wage and benefits administration, and compliance with established labor regulations.
• To maintain an appropriate level of community public affairs involvement.
• To execute marketing, sales, and operational activities, producing results that meet or exceed the hotel’s business plan.
• To ensure good safety practices of employees and guests, assisting in the maintenance of proper emergency and security procedures.
• To establish and maintain applicable preventive maintenance programs to protect the physical assets of the hotel.
• To implement and maintain effective open-door communication system that crosses departmental lines to reach all employees.
• To understand the government regulations affecting hotel’s operations, ensuring hotel is operated in compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations, and requirements of any federal or municipal authority.
• To deal with the public, customers, employees, union and government officials with tact and courtesy.