Quality Assurance

Fast changing developments in tourism require a more professional approach. Management and staff turnover affect each business. This usually destabilizes a business. 

However, establishing ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ (S.O.P) would make it easier to direct and train staff, and therefore achieve a more consistent operational performance – ultimately a better quality of service. 

We assist in establishing ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ (S.O.P) by working with a team of managers and/or staff. We establish the sequence of service and then define the details of the required service delivery.

Our role is simply to guide and coach the team to decide the required Standards of Performance.

S.O.Ps are usually established for all front-of-house operations such as reservation, reception, housekeeping and food & beverage (including restaurants, room service, function business and food production). 

S.O.Ps are the only real training tools, as they serve as accurate guidelines for an operation. Our S.O.Ps can easily be amended, should operational requirement change. 

We are currently also involved with establishing and implementing a ‘Balanced Score Card’ quality control and management system for a hotel company. Such a system enables the company to not only measure their performance but also use it as a catalyst for organisational change and strategic planning.