Hotel Management, Strategy & Operations


Our services are designed to enhance revenue, contain costs, preserve long-term asset value and maximize company owner and investor returns in the hospitality industry. We provide practical, hands-on solutions that are based on a broad range of experiences gained from our 30 years of work in this cyclical industry and thus respond to specific client requirements. By working closely with experienced professionals in all aspects of the hospitality industry, we can define market demand, narrow the scope of the hospitality project and propose an effective management or consulting engagement, tailor-made to our clients’ needs. Our clients are successful hospitality industry companies that are frustrated by problems that never get fixed or opportunities that never get addressed. They often recognize these problems and opportunities, but are busy running their operation with the limited time and talent that is at their disposal. They often do not have the luxury of assembling a cross-functional team to address quality issues or concerns, document operational performance, design solutions, and implement successful new programs. And this is when Modus & Amplio  steps in.